General Terms and Conditions


1. The reproduction material must be prepared in accordance with the instructions for preparing the files that you find here.

2. Costs of graphic preparation and design are calculated after the proposal is sent according to the customer’s request.

3. The price may be increased by 10% if the client does not allow a standard deviation of the quantity or colour ordered (the standard deviation is 4%).

4. The client is obliged to review the final product and notify us about the changes needed for the order. The changes must be claimed in writing within 8 days of receiving the product, and the client must allow sufficient time for the contractor to review them. The contractor will strive to resolve the complaint in an agreement with the client. If the complaint is due to the fact that the client has sent a PDF file or a print preparation material that does not comply with the instructions and requirements of the contractor, the complaint will not be taken into account.

5. Preflight of the files is included in the offer price (format, image resolution (300 dpi), page layout). Additional preflight of the graphic preparation and interventions of the submitted material at the request of the client are additionally charged (the correct distance between the content of the design, which must not be bled, bleed, embedded writings, overprint, use of PDF standards, sharpness of texts, images and graphics)

6. The content submitted by the client is not reviewed and we are not responsible for the content errors. We will not be liable for any errors in prints resulting from inadequately prepared files in case any additional preflights have not been ordered.

7. You can pick up the products at the Silveco printing house (Stegne 3, 1000 Ljubljana) or you can get it delivered by post. Delivery is charged upon the offer or by arrangement, and postal delivery in accordance with the Post of Slovenia price list.

8. The time of manufacture is determined by the initial offer. In the event of force majeure or other objective reason, we will notify you of the change in due time and we will arrange a new deadline with you. In any case, the contractor has the right to extend the period of manufacture for at least the duration of force majeure or objective circumstances. What counts as force majeure or objective circumstances are events that could not be predicted and could not be avoided at the time of sending the offer or completing the delivery.

9. Business hours are from Monday to Friday between 7:30 and 16:00. Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays are not working days. The delivery date does not run on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. The delivery time for graphic design of printed materials depends on the scope of works and the free capacity.

10. In the case of an accelerated manufacture (faster than the stated deadline in the offer), the price is increased according to the agreement or by 20%, if there is no special agreement.

11. If printing is done on your products, you need to consider printing ink up to 3% of the products. We cannot reimburse the value of your products that may get destroyed during the press. We also do not guarantee for your products the stability of the press and we are not responsible for any changes in the product as a result of the press.

12. The offer price, including the price of standard materials, will be valid for 30 days from issue. After this deadline, in the event of a change in the prices of the reproduction material, we reserve the right to change the offer price. All prices in the offer or in any communication originating from Silveco do not include VAT (value-added tax), which is charged separately, unless the price provided explicitly states so.

13. The confirmation of the order shall be made with the issued order form sent by e-mail, fax or ordinary mail. By requesting the offer, it is considered that the client agrees with these general terms and conditions, which are publicly available on our website.

The general terms and conditions of Silveco comply with the provisions of the Consumer Protection Act.


General Terms and Conditions for Graphic Design

 1. Graphic design

Graphic design can be basic or advanced, depending on your wishes and our estimates. Graphic design of prints incorporates a computer layout and a break of content, all necessary graphic elements, such as logos, images, photographs, text, etc. The client must provide all the existing materials needed for design in a suitable format (logos, photographs, texts, etc.). The customer obtains the final product for the preview, which they have to check and confirm. Any reclamation later, when the product is already printed, cannot be considered. If the designer  (in addition to the works that he or she is obliged to carry out under the existing offer) performs other works, such as consultation and advice, text, slogans, creating logos in vector form, photographing or photo processing, etc., Silveco may charge these works additionally.

2. Correction

Correction of graphic designs, logos or ads means minor corrections to text, graphic elements, colour composition and layouts. When, at our discretion, the required correction exceeds the usually required reasonable time for graphic processing for the desired changes and repairs, this is considered as a new additional order. In this case, we will send you a new pre-invoice and we will charge you a full service charge. Prices of printed materials, where graphic design is already included in the price, usually also include 2 corrections, unless otherwise stated in the offer. Any further correction or alteration must be reported in writing, which may be additionally charged.

3. Change of order

After the client’s confirmation for the press, any change in the order or a new correction of an already approved draft is considered as a new additional order, so we will send you a new quote and we will charge you a full service.


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