With offset printing we produce high quality prints, we achieve short printing times, we print large format prints and we are cost effective when printing in medium and large quantities.

Why choose us?


We use innovative digital and offset printing machines with big and small formats, which ensure quality prints.

Low prices

With our various techniques of printing we guarantee prints at low prices. The combination of digital and offset printing is very inexpensive, depending of course on the number of prints you order.


Did you remember something at the last moment? No problem, you can rely on us and we will carry it out as quickly as possible.


Along with the classic offset printing we can also print with the technology of dry offset printing. It is worth mentioning, that we are among the first printing houses in South-East Europe using this technology. Along with producing high quality prints we take responsibility towards the environment, our employees and customers.

Because an image forms digitally in the printing machine, there is no need to illuminate the films, which means we have a cleaner, faster and cheaper graphic process. With this technology SILVECO does not produce emissions of dangerous chemicals into the environment, as water is not needed for the printing process. We use paints based on soy oil, which enables the print to decompose faster, which makes it employee and environment friendly.

With the use of dry offset printing and recycled paper or paper with appropriate certificates we can produce an environment-friendly prints.


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The investment is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund.