SILVECO produces prints in large formats with different materials and for different purposes. We can print on paper, self-adhesive material for internal and external use, various canvases and foils, whereby we guarantee you the highest quality of prints.


Our line of products includes various stickers, posters, billboards, light signs, photo wallpapers, panels for advertising stands, tasting bars, tarpaulins, banners and so on. We can print different images for your cars and we can also decal your vehicle.


Silveco Printing House

Stegne 3, 1000 Ljubljana

+ 386 1 420 57 20
+ 386 1 420 57 21
+ 386 31 707 667

Company HQ:

Silveco, Grosuplje, d.o.o.
Seliškarjeva 36, 1290 Grosuplje

T: + 386 1 786 22 08

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The investment is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund.