Requirements regarding the submission of PDF file for printing:

1. The file format must conform to the PDF standard.

2. The file must contain 1 printed material – we arrange the montage of it on the appropriate printing pole.

3. The colours must be in CMYK, greys, or spot palette.

4. Black texts and black bar codes must be black only (CMYK 0/0/0/100).

5. Fonts must be embedded or in curves.

6. The colour saturation should not exceed 280% and should not be less than 5%.

7. Create larger black surfaces in CMYK ratio 40/40/40/100.

8. Photo resolution should have 300 dpi.

9. The bleed must be 3 mm.

10. Positioning of the text from the edge must be at least 3 mm away from the edge of the final design format.

11. Add-ons to the file need to be “crop mark-only” without other print tags.

12. The scale must be in a ratio of 1: 1.

13. In the case of the extract of the cut-out of printed matter, the contour in the curves must be marked with spot and in the overprint (1: 1) and an additional side with the contour at the same position.


Any additional interventions required due to deviations from the above requirements will be charged additionally and in accordance with the price list.

 Requirements concerning the submission of materials for printing preparation

 The customer must provide clear instructions on the final product (printing, paper, binding, finishing, printing).

 For the content break, it is necessary to send the final and proofread content in MS Word, where the photographs are placed between the text; the image material used must be enclosed in the original format (we do not break texts that are not proofread in advance).

 Logos must be in vector format (.PDF, .AI, .EPS, .CDR).

 Image-photos should be of the best possible quality (JPG, PSD, TIF, 300 dpi resolution). Do not zoom in or out of the original photos.

 Keep in mind that the images or logos that you find on the web are usually not intended for reproduction for printing due to their low resolution.

We can offer you the purchase of image material through the image agency, the search and processing of materials is included in the time of graphic design, which is calculated according to the valid price list.


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