The technology of digital printing is very different from dry offset techniques, but being environmentally friendly is their common denominator. With the appropriate combination of these two techniques, we can successfully cover the lower and higher quantities of prints. We encourage employees, clients, business partners and suppliers to share this responsible behaviour. Sustainable development is becoming the basis for the proper and long-term operation of the company.

We take care of the environment as an integral part of SILVECO’s business behaviour and organizational culture. We successfully implement the responsible behaviour in the daily operations and thus take corporate social responsibility. Through our business we strive to reduce the negative effects on nature and try to improve the working environment of our employees.

Our concern for maintaining a healthy environment encompasses more activities and refers primarily to saving natural resources, reducing the amount of waste and the release of harmful emissions into the atmosphere, optimizing the use of resources, maximizing the percentage of recycling and reusing products.

Digital electro-photographic printing and dry offset printing represent the eco-friendly printing technique. In the company, we use both techniques, namely digital technology since 2001 and the dry offset technique since 2008.


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The investment is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund.